About Visionberry Photos

Visionberry is the name chosen by the photographer Tom Gusway that best represents the fresh and natural looks that are achieved by working on a personal level during photo sessions.

Tom's photography career began in 1975 before the digital world and has encompassed many genres over the years including corporate, aviation, magazines, calendars and more.

Tom's love for working one on one with people and using the camera to bring out the best of one's personality has led Tom to continuing his photography career in his two favorite genres... Headshots for Actors and Beginner Model Portfolios.

Actor Headshots allows Tom to work closely with the actor to capture the depth of the characters the actor can deliver and to create a natural look.


Beginner models need to start their careers in an environment where they can feel safe and know they are getting the images that can start a career.


Visionberry will provide you with a photographer that can give you guaranteed work in an atmosphere of professionalism and most importantly at affordable rates.



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All photography sessions are done in the studio with professional lighting.  Headshots do not require elaborate backgrounds that distract from the talent. Headshots do require a focus of attention to the character and looks of the talent and this is achieved by less distractions in a studio environment.

Makeup and hair for women is at the discretion of the talent.  All sample image headshots for women have had the talent apply their own makeup and do their own hair-styling.  Talent is welcome to bring their own makeup artist and/or hair-stylist.

Fashion models starting their portfolio in a studio environment can fee safe and comfortable without strangers viewing the session. 


Parents are welcome to view any session or wait in reception.


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